CES 2024

Winner of 4 Innovation Awards

Vtouch has won 4 categories in the Innovation Awards at the world's largest technology fair, CES 2024. These awards, given by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), are awarded to products with outstanding technology and design. Vtouch won these awards with WHSP RING™ and Holo Button™.

WHSP RING: Winner in the Mobile Devices, Accessories, & Apps category

Holo Button: Winner in 3 categories: Smart Home, Smart City, Computer Peripherals, & Accessories

Exhibition Period

January 8, 2024 - January 11, 2024

Exhibition Location

Exhibition Products


Voice Chat with AI Anytime, Anywhere

This ring allows voice input anytime, anywhere by solving issues such as wake word(siri, ok google, alexa…), unintentional activations during conversations, noise influence, and exposure of conversations common in traditional voice recognition.

Holo Button

Control Real Holograms in Mid-Air with Touch or Spatial Touch as Buttons, Switches

This technology allows you to manipulate real holographic images floating in mid-air, created using light interference. It is affordable price and can be used as an IoT switch through the matter standard.


Connect Physical Products with Information through SpatialTouch and Holograms, Enabling Digital Retail

Air-floating real holograms draw consumer interest. SpatialTouch sensors observe users, offering targeted guidance to boost sales. Touching or pointing at products gives extra details via screen and sound.

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